My name is Donna Gray. My love for GPS's started back in 1998 when I bought my first unit for a trip I had planned.

It defiantly wasn’t love at first sight and after a very frustrating Motorcycle trip I vowed to master it.

I bought an instructional book and gleaned as much information as possible and quickly become to love these devices and their capabilities. I even learnt more than what was written about them.

My use of the units was varied to say the least over the years, from Hiking, Road and Mountain bike cycling, Worldwide Adventure bike traveling and planning to Off-Road motorcycle racing in far flung places.


This saw me keeping up with the new technology of the various units and mastering each one of them. Not forgetting the Mapping and Software.

I progressed to making myself a career from tutoring these units, so you too can enjoy them and your adventures to the maximum.

Whats on and When..