Headed by Donna Gray, Raid Tec provide a range of comprehensive training, including Off-road and Enduro bike handling skills, general overland navigation and specialist Rally road book and GPS tuition. 

Donna’s Enduro and Rally Achievements leave little to be said about her Skills, British Ladies Enduro champ 2001, ‘Dawn till Dusk 12 hour Enduro’ Clubman class overall winner 2004. And Many Rally titles such as: Tuareg rally 2012, 24th overall and First lady, Transanatolia Rally and Serres rally 2016 First lady.

About Donna:

I started riding Enduro a little late in my life back in 1998. I seemed to have the knack for it. I think my misspent youth BMXing with my friends and mountain biking helped. I rode the ‘Trail Bike Enduro Club’ events (great club to learn with by the way!) and learn lots there. In 2000 I raced the ‘British Enduro Championships’, back then we had a good 5 Ladies battling for the trophy.

I used to get so nervous before races, as the top three ladies were all so close in speed and ability, with just seconds between us. These were two day events, so 2 nights of little sleep and not being able to eat in the mornings. Eventually in 2001 I took the title of British Ladies Enduro champ.

To be fair, my favourite win was actually against the guys in the ‘Dawn till Dusk 12 hour Enduro’ back in 2003. I won the Clubman class overall, or the ‘Iron Man’ class, as it was called back then. However, because of winning this they had to change the name to Marathon class, as it still stands today!

In 2012 I tried my first Rally, the Tuareg Rally in Morocco on a KTM400EXC. Rallies are all about Navigating by Road Book and GPS. I had some top training in the art of riding by Road Book and GPS before I went. So it was just the matter of lasting the 7 Days and learning how to ride large sand dunes at the same time. I must admit I pooped my panties all the time I was riding in the sand dunes, but I learnt quickly and came away with 1st place lady and a respectable 24th place overall.

I followed this up with a 1st place win on the Transnational rally in Turkey on a KTM690. Since then added to the Trophy cabinet collection a few more times, such as the Serres rally 2014 and 2016 First lady.

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