Gibraltar Race - 2019 Summer Dates To Be Announced 

Gibraltar race.jpg

How do I book in with you and the Event?

When you get back to us via email, we will send you by return:

  • Customer information form to complete.

  • An invoice for the Assistance to reserve your place on our Team.

  • An invoice for the current Rally entry fee that I will forward on your behalf (if required).

  • A suggested packing list of the usual items riders bring along with them

As an Agent for the rally I can walk through what you need to do, and when. Even if you don't use us as assistance!

What we at Raid Tec will do for you:

  • Inform you of the one days free Road Book and or GPS tuition. 

  • Advise you of the Team flight details.

  • Check as time goes along that you meet event regulations.