1st - 9th May 2019 - Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece

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1st July 2018

Registration Opens

31st March 2019

Registration Closes

30th April 2019 -  Arriving Day 1

All participants arrive in Zadar (Croatia)

 Arriving Day 2 

Day 2 - (12:00-19:00) Paperwork and Vehicle Controls. 20:00 Dinner.

Driving Day 1

280 KM

Zadar, Croatia - Banja Luka, Bosnia

Driving Day 2

300 KM

Banja Luka, Bosnia - Foca, Bosnia

Driving Day 3

360 KM

Foca, Bosnia - Sjenica, Serbia - Kolasin, Montenegro

Driving Day 4

320 KM

Kolasin, Montenegro - Tirana, Albania

Driving Day 5

250 KM

Tirana, Albania - Ohrid, Macedonia

Driving Day 6

310 KM

Ohrid, Macedonia - Ioannina, Greece

Driving Day 7

190 KM

Ioannina, Greece - Ioannina, Greece

9th May 2019

Departure Day

Our Assistance Packages

Basic Service - £1299 

  • Pre-rally bike check before departure.

  • Guidance through the signing on and scrutineering process of the rally event.

  • Advice in fitting any regulation equipment such as GPS/Trackers, ERTF equipment.

  • Out-fuelling at designated locations, snacks/drinks on your arrival.

  • Daily setup of work area: awning, work mats, bike stands, lighting, and extensive tool kit. 

  • Mechanical advice. 

  • Supply of soft drink and early evening snacks. 

  • Team jersey.

  • Regulatory stickers with your full name, blood group, and nations flag.

Full Service - £1599

  • all of the above plus:

  • Experienced mechanic to perform daily service - including oil and air filter, plus wheels/tyres changed as required. 

  • Mechanical assistance at out-fuelling service points.

  • Fitting of any regulation navigation equipment prior to event start.

For more in depth details of our services, and the event itself, please contact Donna on: +44(0)7891 866 575.

Or email: Donna

How do I book in with you and the Event?

When you get back to us via email, we will send you by return:

  • Customer information form to complete.

  • An invoice for the Assistance to reserve your place on our Team.

  • An invoice for the current Rally entry fee that I will forward on your behalf (if required).

  • A suggested packing list of the usual items riders bring along with them

As an Agent for the rally I can walk through what you need to do, and when. Even if you don't use us as assistance!

What we at Raid Tec will do for you:

  • Inform you of the one days free Road Book and or GPS tuition. 

  • Advise you of the Team flight details.

  • Check as time goes along that you meet event regulations.