12th -22nd April 2019 - Morocco


An official rally for everybody

Morocco Desert Challenge is an officially recognized rally, organised under the High-Patronage of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco and held under the licenses of FRMSA and FRMM (Morrocan Car & Motorsports Federations). 

From the very beginning it has been our goal to have a rally for a wide audience: both beginners and experienced racers. To this day we offer a variety of levels in different categories.

Above all Morocco Desert Challenge is a real desert race: a competition against the clock in which a combination of a well prepared vehicle, good driving skills and precise navigation are needed to stand a chance of winning. If victory is not your goal or if you don’t have the experience yet and just want to be part of the game, MDC offers a range of alternatives.

For the 2019 edition there are four categories: there is always something to suit your taste:

  1. The Rally PRO category

  2. The RAID category

  3. Assistance category

  4. VIP / Sponsor trips

As far as the competition is concerned, we will continue the way we introduced in the previous years: MDC19 will again have eight challenging stages, from the start on April 12 to the finish on April 20, with nearly 3000 kilometres of pure special stages with zero kilometres liaison, from coast to coast.

One of the new things in the upcoming edition is that we'll go much more to the south, even deeper than La'ayoune in the Moroccan Sahara, where we set out new, spectacular stages and bivouacs at new locations.

Our satisfaction survey among the participants also showed that 95 percent would like to return to Saïdia to finish. The reasons are obvious: at the coast, near the ferry, all together in 1 all-inclusive hotel and with 2 international airports around the corner.

But we also found some possible improvements here: we are currently negotiating to charter our own cruise ship/ferry, with which everyone, including the trucks and cars, can return to Europe. Nobody will have to wait for two days after the rally before embarking, but everyone can use one chartered ship that can bring us directly from Nador to the south of France the day after the finish.

Our Assistance Packages

Basic Service - £1299 

  • Pre-rally bike check before departure.

  • Guidance through the signing on and scrutineering process of the rally event.

  • Advice in fitting any regulation equipment such as GPS/Trackers, ERTF equipment.

  • Out-fuelling at designated locations, snacks/drinks on your arrival.

  • Daily setup of work area: awning, work mats, bike stands, lighting, and extensive tool kit. 

  • Mechanical advice. 

  • Supply of soft drink and early evening snacks. 

  • Team jersey.

  • Regulatory stickers with your full name, blood group, and nations flag.

Full Service - £1599

  • all of the above plus:

  • Experienced mechanic to perform daily service - including oil and air filter, plus wheels/tyres changed as required. 

  • Mechanical assistance at out-fuelling service points.

  • Fitting of any regulation navigation equipment prior to event start.

For more in depth details of our services, and the event itself, please contact Donna on: +44(0)7891 866 575.

Or email: Donna

How do I book in with you and the Event?

When you get back to us via email, we will send you by return:

  • Customer information form to complete.

  • An invoice for the Assistance to reserve your place on our Team.

  • An invoice for the current Rally entry fee that I will forward on your behalf (if required).

  • A suggested packing list of the usual items riders bring along with them

As an Agent for the rally I can walk through what you need to do, and when. Even if you don't use us as assistance!

What we at Raid Tec will do for you:

  • Inform you of the one days free Road Book and or GPS tuition. 

  • Advise you of the Team flight details.

  • Check as time goes along that you meet event regulations.